Part Worn Tyre Specialist in Bognor Regis

While A&T Tyres is well known for having an expansive range of new and second hand tyres, there are a number of reasons why we’re seen as a trusted service provider in Bognor Regis. Tyres are a major part of our business but we also provide wheel balancing and wheel alignment services, brake disc replacements and puncture repairs.


Every part worn tyre and second hand tyre we sell to customers in Bognor Regis is inspected to insure it is fit for purpose. But what does fit for purpose mean, and how can you be sure your tyres aren’t falling short of the legal standard?


All new tyres must be compatible

Every new and second hand tyre must be of the same size and not have conflicting diameters, circumferences, poke or inset. Our part worn tyre company excels in this area. We ensure that motorists in Bognor Regis receive quality, affordable services from a reputable and cheap tyre supplier who can match what is currently fitted to any vehicle.


They must be structurally sound

Whether they are part worn or new, tyres should not feature any bulges, lumps or tears that may have resulted following a separation or structural failure.


They can’t be badly torn or cut

No cut or tear can be in excess of 25mm or 10% of the tyre sectional width, whichever is larger. Cut and tears also mustn’t reach the ply or the cord inside of the tyre.


Tyres must be correctly inflated

Failing to ensure that your tyres are properly inflated increases the risk they will puncture, as well as the chances that you might have an accident. When we fit a part worn tyre or a set of cheap tyres at our Bognor Regis garage, we ensure they are properly inflated.


Tyre ply or cord can’t be exposed

This is the inner layer of the tyre and leaving it exposed can be very dangerous. If you buy a part worn cheap tyre from us, this will never be a problem. We are second hand tyre suppliers covering all of Bognor Regis and we take road safety very seriously.


Tyre tread depth mustn’t fall below the legal minimum

The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6m, but it’s recommended that you replace your summer tyres with fresh part worn tyres or a full set of new tyres when their tread reaches 2mm to 2.5mm. Winter tyres should really be replaced when tread depth reaches 4mm.


We can check tyres tread depths at our workshop in second if you’re unsure whether you need a change. It’s important that if tyres are run down, you replace them immediately. Otherwise, they could fail to grip the road properly and you could have an accident. Also, you could be fined £2,500 and have three points added your licence.


Our cheap tyres and second hand tyres vary in tread, with some boasting as much as 7mm of depth. They are of high quality and are distinctly affordable so, if you’re from Bognor Regis and think you might need a cheap tyre for your car, visit or call A&T Tyres today. We can sell and fit a second hand tyre at an extremely competitive price.


Dial 01243 820800 to speak with one of our second hand tyre experts. A&T Tyres also provides Bognor Regis with wheel balancing and brake pad replacement services.

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