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Because we’re located in Bognor Regis, we have an extensive list of repeat customers who hail from the surrounding West Sussex area. We are part worn tyre, second hand tyre and branded new tyre specialists. Customers in West Sussex also use us for the fitting of brake pads and brake discs because they can so easily access our premises in Bognor Regis.


But when do you need a change of tyres? And is a part worn tyre really an acceptable alternative to a new tyre? We’re often asked these questions by motorists in West Sussex so we’ve decided to answer both of them, as well as some other frequently asked questions, regarding part worn tyres, second hand tyres and our supporting cheap tyre range.


When should I change my tyres?

If the tread on your tyres wears down below 1.6mm, you could be issued a fixed penalty notice or even taken to court. The maximum fine a court can impose on a driver for illegal tyre tread is £2,500 and three penalty points, or £5,000 in the case of goods vehicles or methods of transport that can carry in excess of eight passengers.


It is recommended that motorists replace their summer tyres with a new or part worn second hand tyre when dread depth reaches 2mm to 2.5mm, and winter tyres around the 4mm mark. If you’re in West Sussex and feel unsure where your tyre depth currently sits, bring your car in to us. We’ll take a look and advise you whether you need a change.


Tyres should also be replaced if they are damaged or showing signs of age. If your tyres are over 5 years old, they should be inspected at least once a year. If they are over 10 years old, it is well worth replacing the full set. Our part worn tyre firm in West Sussex can make sure that, if you do need a change, it doesn’t break the bank. We have a range of quality cheap tyres from major brands and second hand tyres available, some with tread depth of 7mm.


What are the benefits of buying a part worn tyres

Part worn tyres are significantly cheaper than new ones and can often be far more cost efficient. We have a cheap tyre range with part worn products that haven’t seen much use and therefore still have a decent amount of tread on them. Every part worn tyre we sell is put through rigorous safety checks before going on sale, with our experts searching for signs of excessive wear and weak spots.


This means that although our West Sussex customers are getting a good deal in the form of a cheap second hand tyre, they are not sacrificing safety to save cash.


Then why buy new tyres?

If money is no object then new tyres will typically last longer than second hand tyres. We have one of the largest ranges of tyres to buy in West Sussex, including many from major brands such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop and Goodyear.


If you’re willing to spend more and don’t fancy cheap tyres, then purchasing a new set of tyres isn’t a bad idea by any means.


There are so many brands and types of tyre. How do I choose?

We only stock brands we respect so all part worn and second hand tyres are of a good quality. The final choice comes down to what suits your vehicle and how much you want to spend. Buying part worn or cheap tyres with previous use is a good way to get affordable big brand tyres which could cost a significant sum if purchased brand new.


Give our tyre fitters a call and tell us a little about your vehicle and how much you’re willing to spend. We can recommend a new, part worn or second hand tyre you’ll be happy with.


In West Sussex and need a change of tyres? Give A&T Tyres a call on 01243 820800 to find out which new or part worn tyres are most appropriate for your vehicle and budget.

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